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Kalaimanram propagates the Vazhuvoor style of Bharathanatyam. Elegance and grace are the hallmarks of this style which originated in the village of Vazhuvoor.

It was made popular by Vazhuvoor Ramaihpillai, who was the first from this tradition to move to Chennai – the city known as the cultural centre of Bharathanatyam in India. Kalaimanaram was established by Late W.M Cumarasamy of Jaffna, father of “Kalabhooshanam” Shrimathy Thirpurasundari Yagonamtham.

Inaugurated by her Guru, ”Natya Kala Kesari”, “Isai Perarignar”, “Padmashri”, Vazhuvoor B. Ramaiah Pillai on the 21st of October 1958 after her Arangetram held on the 18th of October 1958 at the town hall Jaffna.

Our Approach

With our exclusive lessons and one-on-one training, we provide dancersof all levels with a comprehensive orientation to Bharatanatyam. With the useof videos, audio, written materials, and classes for beginners to learn the artform, Kalaimanram offers a curriculum for learning Bharatanatyam in a thoroughmanner. It is also designed to mentor a student at any level.
We offer a safe and secure environment where the students can feel at ease developing their own style, interacting with plenty of new people, and supporting one another as they advance. Beyond the classroom, the "Guru-Shishya" relationship becomes crucial for advancing Bharatanatyam to new heights. The students initially come as learners and become integral members of the family. Along with learning, students have fun, develop personally, and create lifelong friends. With us, experience the best of Bharatanatyam and follow your passion.
In addition to learning how to dance, our students also study thehistory and roots of dance as part of their theoretical classes. We providetraining that helps students develop a wide range of abilities in engaginglessons.Your physical, technical, and artistic abilities will be greatlyaided by this program, which will assist in your ability to concentrate onimproving your skills

Our Curriculum

A curriculum for dance has been created by ADA with assistance from the UK’s recognized Examination Board for Traditional South Indian Fine Art, which has multiple grade levels.
Dance is Art


Arangetram denotes that the classical dancer, a pupil, can now ascend the stage and impart the artform’s expertise to other aspirant students after years of training under her guru. The classical dance can now be performed by the dancer alone in front of a live audience, which is another benefit.
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